Career Planner

Create a career plan with a client

The Career Planner is a user-friendly tool that helps counselors, coaches, and other professionals create an actionable career plan with a client.

Goal-based planning

The Career Planner allows users to set career goals, create actions within those goals, and keep track of a clients progress as they work through their career plan.

High-quality, up-to-date resources

The Career Planner uses the RI Resource Hub directory which is kept up-to-date by the organizations who contribute listings and program details. Resources are vetted by educators to ensure you are directing clients to high-quality services.


Clients can easily share updates with their counselors, coaches, mentors, or teachers as they make progress on their career plan.

Clients own the account

Clients own the account and are responsible for updating their career plan and sharing their progress.

Start using the Career Planner now!