For Workforce and Education Providers

Empower your students or clients find the resources they need:

  • Promote the RI Resource Hub to your clients, using Promotional Materials you find on this site or developing your own.
  • Introduce your clients to the Resource Hub either individually or in a classroom setting
  • Encourage your clients to create an account so that their resources are saved

Use Advanced Search to find useful resources for clients or students:

  • Your search can be very broad or very specific depending on the criteria you select.  Search uses “AND” logic.  For example:
    • If you only enter “RIFLI” in the text search box, all RIFLI programs will be returned
    • If you only select “Improve English” goal, all ESL classroom and online resources will be returned, including RIFLI ESL programs
    • If you enter “RIFLI” AND select “Improve English”, only RIFLI ESL programs will be returned.
  • Once you’ve created a search, you can share it:
    • If the recipient has an email account, email the link
    • If the recipient does not have email, you can print a resource list (this is not as effective for online resources)
    • Resource lists can be translated into nearly every language.

Embed the RI Resource Hub in your site and give your site users direct access to this great collection of resources:

Build an API feed from the Resource Hub into your own site:

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