RI Resource Hub is now on AskRI.org

AskRI.org is designed to be Rhode Island’s most complete site for finding out what you need. Students, jobseekers, librarians and educators, and the curious can all reach the information they need – with a librarian’s help, by exploring our services, or through carefully chosen pages of other helpful sites.

Find us on WaytogoRI.org

In order to reach as many Rhode Islanders as possible, the RI Resource Hub has been embedded in http://WaytogoRI.org on the Adult Learner landing page.   WaytogoRI, sponsored by the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority, has been providing middle and high school students with college and career planning resources since 2008.   Now, adults can access those college and career planning resources as well as all of the functionality and resources in the RI Resource Hub with a single account.

WaytogoRI Resources for Adults

Introducing the RI Resource Hub

Over the past few years as we’ve been conceptualizing and developing this user-focused platform we’ve had a number of working names including the Lifelong Learning Portal and the Rhode Island Agent. Although the name has changed and the concept has evolved, we have remained focused on:

  • providing Rhode Island adults with access to quality local, state, and national resources to help them achieve career and education goals
  • helping workforce and education professionals serve their clients and students
  • supporting agency outreach and reducing duplication of effort.

Buildout of the RI Resource Hub has been funded by the Rhode Island Data Sharing Project, a Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to the Rhode Island Department of Education.  We are one piece of this exciting program and our new name reflects our affiliation with the RI Data Hub and the future RI Research Hub.