Publish AE Classes through CALIS

Adult education programs can use the RI Resource Hub to promote their classes. The RI Resource Hub pulls adult education program listings out of CALIS, RIDE’s system for tracking Adult Education classes, once each day. This means program information in the Hub is always current.

Following are some guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of the Hub as an outreach tool for classes.

Name the class in a meaningful way, for example, [‘YR] [Classname]-[Location]. The Hub will append your Program Name to the beginning of the Class Name, so it will publish as, for example, RIFLI ’15 Beginner ESL-William Hall Library

Write a description of the class targeted to prospective students. To get your class to map to users’ goals in the RI Resource Hub, please make sure to include the following text in either the name or the description.*

  • To map to “Find a Job” or “Explore Careers” or “Get Job Training” goals, include either job or career in the class name or description. Similarly,
  • “Get your high school diploma or GED test credential” goal, include GED or NEDP
  • “Go or return to college” goal, include college or transition
  • “Become a US citizen”, include citizen
  • “Improve reading and writing”, include writing
  • “Improve math”, include math
  • “Improve English”, include ESL or ESOL

Select appropriate NRS levels for your class. Hub users are asked self-placement questions if they choose the goals of “Improve reading and writing”, “Improve math”, or “Improve English”. The NRS levels in CALIS that correspond to the goal must be selected for your class to match up with Hub users’ self-placement answers.

Tag the class with features that you would like to have communicated in the description.

Below is a screenshot of an example Class Form in CALIS:

CALIS Class Entry

And, below is how that class appears to a prospective student in the Hub who has chosen the goal of “Improve English”, self-placed at Beginner, and selected daytime classes on Wednesdays in Providence or Cranston:

Resource hub listing

The program phone number and website link (if user clicks the blue program name they go to have come from the program information which is administered by RIDE. If you need to change these items, please contact the RIDE CALIS administrator.

The class address has come from the Class Location List.

Fees are calculated from the “Fees” fields in the Class Form, pictured below:

Fees and Publish

If you do not want your class to be listed in the RI Resource Hub, please uncheck the highlighted box in the Class Form seen above. (The default value for this box is “checked” so classes publish to the Hub unless you uncheck the box.)

Enter your upcoming classes in advance to recruit effectively through the Hub. Classes will be listed until 30 days past the end date of the class.


*In the near future (January 2015), a new field will be added to CALIS that allows programs to specify which goals to map classes to in the Hub. This documentation will be updated at that time.